From Surviving To Thriving

AIMER’s 360-Degree Consultancy Service
is Like A Turbocharged Engine For Businesses.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Every Business Need a 360-Degree Support To Grow

AIMER Helps Your Business Go From Surviving to Thriving By Helping You Achieve These Outcomes

Sustainable Business Growth

Increase in Market Share

Delighted Customers

Dedicated Brand Advocates

Productive Employees

Respectful Partners

Satisfied Shareholders/Flourishing Ecosystem

How Do We Achieve These Outcome? Through Impacting The Skeletal System of a Business

Why is AIMER the Right Partner to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

At AIMER, our goal is to drive change and innovation in the business ecosystem. That means, developing better education systems but also helping the other end of the ecosystem – the companies – grow and achieve their business goals.

On that note, AIMER has developed several programs targeted at professionals to upskill and create more value for the company and ecosystem.

Our team of experienced strategic experts and business professionals have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by modern businesses, and are dedicated to helping our companies succeed.

But it’s not just the expertise that sets us apart. At AIMER Business School, we’re committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with companies through our Centre of Excellence Membership.

Through that, we have a compiled and extensive understanding of the current situation of the market.

And add to that, a diagnosis of your business goals, strategy, business model and challenges, and we can help you create a future where growth and success is the outcome that we arrive at.

M Harikumar

Chief Business officer

With a Management Graduate degree from IIM Bangalore and an Electrical Engineering degree from NIT Calicut, this seasoned professional has a proven track record of successfully turning around non-performing business divisions and transforming an average performing company into a market leader in the ICT/ELV industry. With a wealth of knowledge in technology, business strategies, digital marketing, economics, finance and management, this thought leader is extremely passionate about mentoring and coaching others. Their experience in multicultural and global business operations further enhances their ability to execute business transformations and accelerate growth strategies.

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